Top Quality Tree Service LLC.

“It doesn’t matter what you buy, it matters how the service is,” says Tim Smith, owner and founder of Top Quality Tree Service LLC. For over ten years, Hoffman Equipment has been providing not only exceptional service, but also top of the line equipment for this growing business.

Top Quality Tree Service started over twenty years ago while Tim was still in high school. The company initially focused on landscaping and eventually expanded to taking on multiple tasks such as tree removal and now concentrating on land preparation, however due to their experience throughout the years, Quality Tree Service can easily take on projects from start to finish.

Tim has been a customer of Hoffman Equipment for over 10 years. Hoffman has been there to provide equipment for all the different applications his thriving business requires. From his first purchase, a JCB machine, to a National 55-ton crane and just recently a Volvo L60H. Not only is he satisfied with the equipment but he also praises the excellent customer service.

“ The experience with Hoffman is great! Sales reps stay active and in touch…Not only from the point of sale, but touching base with their clients to make sure their needs are fulfilled. Service has been great. It doesn’t matter what you buy, it matters how the service is because in today’s day, everything breaks and you have to rely on outstanding service. Having the support to keep your machine operational is the most important thing.”

If you are looking for land preparation or tree removal, contact Top Quality Tree Service. If you need exceptional equipment and service, give Hoffman a call! 732-752-3600.