Bergmann Dumpers

Bergmann. Built for you.

Whether in track construction, in the foundry or underground: every project is unique.
for 60 years, Bergmann has designed vehicles that can meet the requirements of customers in every respect. This requires technical know-how and a spirit of innovation – but above all the ability to listen.

Bergmann vehicles combine high transport performance and exciting driving comfort with maximum operational safety. This is real premium quality Made in Germany. 

“We live dumpers. For 60 years.”

Compact dumper

Payload: 9,921 lb
Capacity level: 2.5 yd³
Capacity heaped: 3.4 yd³
Engine power: 71 hp

Compact dumper

Payload: 13,228 lb lb
Capacity level: 3.3 yd³
Capacity heaped: 4.7 yd³
Engine power: 73 hp

Compact Dumper

Payload: 19,842 lb
Capacity level: 4.7 yd³
Capacity heaped: 6.0 yd³
Engine power: 100 hp

wheel dumper

Payload: 24,455 lb
Capacity level: 5.5yd³ (Three-way tip dumper)
Capacity heaped: 10.5 yd³
Engine power: 159 hp

wheel dumper

Payload: 55,116 lb
Capacity level: 19.6 yd³
Dump height: 2.30 ft
Engine power: 158 hp

track dumper

Payload: 22,046 lb
Capacity level: 6.1 yd³
Capacity heaped: 8.5 yd³
Engine power: 241 hp

mini dumper

Engine: Honda GX 200 (4.1 kW) 5.5
Max load Cap. : 990 lbs
Drive/steering : Hydrostatic system


Engine: DC brushless engine 1300 W/24 V
Max load Cap: 990 lbs
Drive/steering: Hydrostatic system