About Hoffman Equipment

Our Family Business

In 1920 Bill and Harry Hoffman purchased their first truck and founded Hoffman Motor Transportation to deliver roofing material for installers. The company expanded steadily over the next thirty years by specializing in heavy hauling and rigging, moving oversized objects, such as large machinery, structural steel, storage tanks, industrial boilers, and even diners.

Hoffman acquired its first crane in the early ’40s, and it was a dramatic improvement over a complicated system of jacks, blocks and tackle, chainfalls, winches, and a lot of manpower. In 1949, Hoffman Rigging & Crane Service, Inc. was established to complement the transportation business with a crane operation and dealership. This company spawned a crane rental business that included a fleet of 75 cranes —crawler and truck mounted, lattice boom and hydraulic—with lifting capacities ranging from 15 to 300 tons.

During the ’60s and ’70s, Hoffman was heavily involved in transporting and rigging services needed for constructing both fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. At the same time, the company was expanding internationally by exporting equipment to construction sites around the world. Construction equipment manufactured in the US was considered the best quality available, and Hoffman assembled packages for projects overseas, so that all the equipment required for a project could be purchased and shipped from one source.

In 1977 Hoffman opened its Milan, Italy location, and the following year the company’s international headquarters in Piscataway, NJ was established. Opportunities to supply equipment around the world continued, from a joint venture to sell equipment in Russia to a refinery project in Colombia, a gas pipeline project in Iran, construction of temporary bridges following a devastating hurricane in Central America, and projects in Ghana and Gabon. The company was named “Exporter of the Year” for the State of New Jersey in 1996.

In the last few years, Hoffman has expanded its presence in the New Jersey/ New York area by adding four locations—in Williamstown, New Jersey and Long Island, Bronx, and Marlboro, New York. The company is now owned by Timothy Watters, whose mother is a Hoffman. He represents the third generation to run the business. The values that have assured this family business would prosper over the years are the same ones that spurred Hoffman to provide equipment and organize a convoy to help in the relief efforts at Ground Zero on 9/11, the values that ensure our customers always receive first class treatment