Wireless Monitoring System

Locate your equipment any time, monitor actual hours of operation, and prevent unauthorized use

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity with maintenance notifications and alerts for equipment problems
  • Save on repairs with remote troubleshooting for equipment problems

About CraneSTAR

  • Automatically collects and transmits data about your equipment
  • Track your equipment’s location and monitor hours of operation
  • All data can be accessed through the internet and integrated into your business systems
  • You can also allow outside parties to access your equipment data
  • Reports are easy to customize, so you can identify trends easily
  • You can set up geofencing online

Automatic Maintenance

  • Hoffman Equipment can take care of your maintenance needs automatically
  • We can troubleshoot problems remotely, so we arrive with the parts and equipment to make repairs even faster

Available Data

  • GPS location
  • Detailed engine hours
  • Customized management and maintenance reports
  • Maintenance profiles and notifications
  • Established boundaries that trigger alerts when equipment crosses them
  • After hours security alerts
  • Driver directions and instructions
  • Machine health monitoring