2019 NCCCO Crane Operator Training

  • Learn Proper operation techniques
  • Topics for maintenance include proper greasing and visual inspections
  • Safety training includes proper crane set-up
Hoffman Equipment provides operator training to prepare candidates for the CCO examinations.

Operator Training

Hoffman Equipment offers operator training in preparation for exams administered by the NCCCO, which are recommended to operate mobile cranes.

Mobile Crane Training Schedule:
  • Week of 2/25/19 thru 3/1/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 3/1/19
  • Week of 3/18/19 thru 3/22/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 3/22/19
  • Week of 5/6/19 thru 5/10/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 5/10/19
  • Week of 6/10/19 thru 6/14/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 6/14/19
  • Week of 8/12/19 thru 8/16/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 8/16/19
  • Week of 12/2/19 thru 12/6/19 – Written exam course with written exam on 12/6/19

Contact Nancy for more information: 732-752-3600 ext. 320 or nancy.decarr@hoffmanequip.com.

Each examination includes both written and practical tests, developed by experts from all areas in the crane industry who represent thousands of hours of crane operating experience including:
  • Crane operators
  • Training directors
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Manufacturers

Safety Training

Hoffman Equipment also offers a basic crane safety class. Included in this class are things like how to set up a crane properly and how to read a load chart.

Maintenance Seminars
    • Hoffman provides maintenance seminars with basic maintenance instruction.
    • Our factory trained mechanics share some of the tricks of the trade that we have learned.
    • Proper greasing techniques are revealed that detail the best type of grease, how much to use, commonly overlooked areas, and types of fittings.
    • Our visual inspection describes what to look for and what to look at.
    • We always point out when you need to call the professionals.

Hoffman Equipment fully endorses the national certification program offered by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) and will prepare candidates for the CCO tests.