Hydraulic Hammer Maintenance & Rebuilds

Our certified technicians will inspect your hydraulic hammers and conduct routine maintenance to keep them in top operating condition

Regular Inspections

Like any machine, hydraulic hammers should be inspected regularly, in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. Frequently, maintenance inspections are recommended for every 500 hours of operation.

Hoffman Equipment hydraulic hammer inspection includes:
  • 12-point external inspection
  • Check for leaks
  • Inspect condition of wear parts
  • Recharge
  • Steam clean
  • Genuine OEM parts and accessories

A quote is provided for any necessary repairs.

Cost effective rebuilds

When it’s time to replace a hydraulic hammer, consider a rebuild. Hoffman Equipment has the facilities to completely reconstruct your hammers with remanufactured components. It’s an extremely economical alternative to buying a new hammer.