Extended Warranties

Protect your equipment with an extended warranty

Why Buy an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty provides a longer warranty on your machine beyond the original warranty period for your equipment. It includes the same genuine OEM parts and service performed by factory trained technicians that your original warranty covers.

  • Protect against the expense of unexpected repairs.
  • Increase resale value—the plan can usually be transferred to the new owner

What Equipment is Eligible?
New Equipment

  • Add an extended warranty to your financing when you purchase any eligible equipment.
  • Purchase an extended warranty any time during the warranty period at standard new equipment rates.
  • Add an extended warranty up to four months after the base warranty expires*.

Used Equipment

Used equipment that is less than seven years old and has less than 7,000 hours at the time of registration** can usually be covered. An oil test for equipment with over 1,000 hours determines final eligibility. Most brands are eligible for coverage.

*A surcharge may be added to the new equipment rate once the warranty period expires, and failures that occur within the first 30 days after registration may not be eligible for reimbursements.

** Reimbursement rates vary with the type of equipment and equipment manufacturer