Customer Spotlights

Savage Equipment, Co.

“I may not be brand loyal but I am dealer loyal. I’ve been working with Hoffman Equipment for 20 years. They treat me well and that’s why I keep coming back.”

-Jim Stock, Owner

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Boilermatic Welding Industries, Inc

“We’ve bought a CASE skid steer, National Crane boom truck, and Doosan excavator from Hoffman, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. All of our equipment is serviced by them, and there have been absolutely no problems.”

Joe Vorraro,
Fleet Supervisor & Purchasing
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Over the Edge Excavating

“Our salesman, Ed Cilli, is great! He worked with me through everything, down to every little detail. I came down to Hoffman’s facility to look at a couple of machines and met Eric Seikel. He showed me a few machines and put me in touch with Ed right away. Everything was smooth sailing from there. They really worked with me on the numbers and got me to where I needed to be.”

Dane Casamento
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Cambridge Paving Stones

“Hoffman is the type of partner I need in this business, someone who is going to realize what I have to accomplish and supply me with the services and equipment to make that happen on a daily basis. It was nice being in the position of a customer and realizing that Hoffman was looking at me the same way I look at my customers.”

Jack Callahan,
Director of Operations
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Bruce R. Koerner Cranes & Equipment

“I have bought several Grove cranes from Hoffman, and they have always been very helpful to us over the years. We are actually second generation customers; my dad was also in the rental business and bought equipment from them.”

Bruce R. Koerner
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Intercounty Paving Company Inc.

“Hoffman is convenient and their prices are competitive, but the reason we keep coming back is our salesman, Joe Barbara. One time we needed a new muffler for one of skid steers during a snowstorm, and Joe drove through the storm to bring it to us. He goes above and beyond every time.”

Scott Spano
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TERCO Construction LLC

“We rely on Hoffman for our parts and maintenance, including service on machines we purchased from a different distributor. We have been doing business with them since 2011, and we are extremely impressed with the level of attention and service we have received.”

Scott Hendricks
Director of Operations
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Paving Solutions, Inc.

“Hoffman’s customer service and reliability are big for me. I would definitely recommend Hoffman to others in my industry.”

Joshua Reich
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T.R. Weniger, Inc.

“The service department at Hoffman is a lot better than their competitors. They have people who actually want to communicate with you, and they work with you in a timely fashion.”

Michael Weniger
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Yonkers Contracting Company, Inc.

“Over the years, Hoffman’s service has always been excellent. They respond to our needs very quickly. If they are unable to do something or don’t have the answer, they reach out to the manufacturers immediately and get what we need.”

Lou Marino
VP of Equipment Operations
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VanEtten Paving, Inc.

“If I had a choice between two equal products, I would choose the one from Hoffman without a doubt because I trust Hoffman and know they will get me the parts and service support I need.”

Matthew Brodmerkel
Vice President
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