Certified Technicians

Hoffman Equipment assures technicians are trained continually

  • Hoffman Equipment’s technicians are factory
    trained and certified
  • Manufacturers provide specialized training for
    their equipment
  • Repairs are diagnosed correctly and completed
    on time, within budget

Our Technicians Are Factory Trained

  • Extensive training requirements to assure that technicians are properly equipped to service your machines
  • Training in equipment operation, diagnostics, maintenance and repair
  • Combines classroom training with on-the-job experience
  • Safety regulations and procedures are emphasized

Manufacturer Training

  • Hoffman Equipment maintains an “Elite Dealer” status with Manitowoc
  • Case and Manitowoc host courses on the functions and performance of specific machines—preventive maintenance inspections, adjustments, tests, troubleshooting techniques and repair procedures
  • Our technicians attend these classes, taught by certified specialists with refresher courses on technological advancements
  • Testing includes hands on and written review of systems—electrical, pneumatics, hydraulics, ECOS, HED, PAT, EKS and mechanical
  • Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of training

Customer Training

Customer training classes offered at all locations on operating and maintenance to assure that best practices are used on-site